Backflow Testing

Are You Drinking Clean Water?

Find out from a backflow testing report in Pasadena or Severna Park, MD

Before your water reaches a faucet, it travels through yards of pipes inside your house. Some of those pipes intersect with wastewater lines, and each intersection presents a risk of backflow - the presence of wastewater in your clean water.

You can find out whether your water contains backflow by working with 1st Choice Plumbing & Backflow Prevention, LLC. We provide backflow testing services in Pasadena and Severna Park, MD. Our licensed and certified master plumbers will test your water for contamination. Call 443-790-9571 right away to set up an appointment for backflow testing. We'll gladly provide a free estimate on your testing services.

Discover how to get rid of backflow

If our testing identifies backflow, what can you do about it? You can make sure you have clean drinking water by installing a backflow prevention device at the intersection where wastewater has been entering your water line. With a backflow prevention device in place, you'll have water that's free of:

  • Soap
  • Pesticides
  • Chemicals
  • Waste

Your next glass of water can be crystal clear and pure. To get cleaner water right away, arrange for our backflow prevention services.