Water Treatment

Improve the Quality of Your Water

Explore our options for water testing and treatment services in Pasadena and Severna Park, MD

The quality of your water affects its taste, its usability for cleaning and its effects on your plumbing. That's why you need to investigate your water quality thoroughly. You can turn to 1st Choice Plumbing & Backflow Prevention, LLC for free water testing services in Pasadena and Severna Park, MD.

Our master plumbers can test:

  • The pH level of your water
  • The amount of iron in your water
  • The hardness of your water

If your water is basic, acidic, high in iron or hard, we can change that by providing water treatment services. Get informed about your water by taking advantage of our water testing services right away.

What makes treating your water so important?

Minerals in your water can build up inside pipes, constricting them and making your plumbing less reliable. They can also build up on anything you wash with water, including your dishes, laundry, hair and skin. Plus, iron-rich water has an unpleasant taste and unusual brown color. Don't hesitate to schedule our water treatment services to improve your water.